Action 1997 Windows Psygnosis Futuristic Flight shooter

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Flight sim plus healthy dose of shooting; great action game

G-Police goes to show that extremely well produced graphics are sometimes a question of toil, of actual work, rather than a variable in an equation where technological advancement is the central piece. So, yes, G-Police looks absolutely phenomenal, it looks like it could have been shipped yesterday (2013!). In terms of gameplay, it combines short distance flight simulation bits with shooting stages. Where will you be flying and shooting you might ask? Well, the game is more on the Sci Fi side of things so, with that in mind, expect all sort of futuristic cityscapes, and the kind of mission based gameplay that tells its story mainly through cutscenes and through the voice of your superiors delivered through your radio (Red Faction style), as you progress. At any rate, the game feels modern, fast paced, diverse enough and formulaic enough, but you don't get that feeling that everything is automated, that everything is pre chewed for you. Thus, real lovers of action games will appreciate this one too, an actually ahead of its time kind of game, at least graphically. Redline and MDK can be an alternative, but don't expect the same quality in the graphics in neither of these games.

Restore order in the city!

G-Police, most well known for it's original Sony Playstation platform. The game was made by Psygnosis. You play the role of a police officer sent to restore peace in a futuristic setting with a similar storyline to the Judge Dredd game. The game is a shooter setting, in which you pilot an aircraft that patrols the citizens on the ground and in the sky. The game consists of a cockpit view, a 3rd person view from behind the plane and a view from above if you are dropping bombs. Most people seem to either love or hate this game, yet this game wasn't that memorable for me, however the graphics are great (although dull and boring colors) and the level design is huge. This game I believe has quite a cult following and was a very early release on the Playstation in 1997. I am not much of a fan of flying simulators such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, but G-Police's futuristic setting and action gameplay, make it at totally enjoyable game that will keep you occupied for hours

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