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How about the Trolls and Orcs?

You know how in your regular old timey RPG the enemies are generally the orcs, the ogres, the trolls and all the other nasty creatures, right?! Well, the developers of this RPG set out to restore the natural order of things and to offer these creatures too the chance to be a bit more generous and to be the ones that are the heroic ones. What emerged is a pretty cool RPG, that looks and plays a bit like the early Ultima games (though, maybe, the production value, graphically is a bit more modern, after all the game came out in 99). The unlikely members of your party can play the classical roles of tank, healer, (a sort of) DPS and also, their traits can be quite comical. While a knight in shining armor might utter some stock phrases form the manual of the white and golden locks of hair hero, in here the creatures, even while on their best behavior are quite the funny bunch! So yeah, a totally refreshing title, a great mix of elements, and without a question a very well produced title, one that is sure to entice you. Besides, it never gets too cheesy and the production value is surely nice enough in this one, though not the most diverse RPG you'll play.

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