Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Action 2001 Windows Activision 3D action adventure Shooter Horror Fpp

Good memories

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first person shooter published in 2001 by Activision, a company popular for its outstanding activity and its innovative vision. First of all, I have to say that Wolfenstein is one of the games that made my childhood and that's why I am going to praise it completely. You play an agent named B.J. Blazkowicz, whose mission is to investigate the obscure actions and experiments of the Nazis in the Castle Wolfenstein. Blazkowicz and his partner Agent One are captured, but the second dies and only you manage to escape from your cell. The missions are hard, scary, and the adrenaline and excitement will dominate you until the end. The locations are unique: forests, castles, villages, laboratories, air bases, secret crypts, and many more. Prepare to fight intelligent enemies like soldiers, officers, zombies, different monsters, and-attention, cute elite female guards! The weapons are numerous, from pistols, sniper rifles, to rocket launchers, grenades, machine guns, flamethrowers. Powerful guns will come with powerful enemies, and this fact is available the more you proceed. The producers did an amazing job by creating this great game, with detailed graphics and characters. The music and the sound effects increase the scary moments, the suspense and the action itself. Pay attention to the secret areas, where you can find health kits and other items. The supranatural aspect makes this game even more interesting and appealing. The gameplay is smooth, fast, and you can sneak behind enemies by killing them silently. You will love the stealth missions. My favorite mission was the one in the "Paderborn Viilage ", where you have to avoid the alarm being started. And some missions scared the hell out of me, along with the creepy music. You can play Return to Castle Wolfenstein in single player and multiplayer mode, which is class-based and team-based. The classes in the second mode allow you to play as a lieutenant, engineer, medic, soldier. What can I say more? Don't miss this epic game. Oh, and don't forget to try Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which brings more features.

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