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Topdown miniracer, not the best out there, but playable

Overdrive puts you in the tires of a mini racing F1 styled vehicle and asks you to go about completing the challenges that come your way. What may these challenges be? Well, mostly winning the race at hand, but, also, avoiding the things that may end up on the tracks. But, mainly, of you've played other mini racers before, say, Magnaflux Runner or some other oldie top down racer, you'll be right at home. Graphically, Overdrive is a so, so game, it doesn't look like it's been toiled over ceaselessly, but, to its merit, it's also got well done tracks and other such things. Truth be told, Overdrive is a game that knows how to entertain; it's got quite a few tracks and many of them are quite interesting, in that Micro Machines style I think everyone loves. But, nonetheless, it's not going to impress you so that you'll keep it installed and return to it over and over again. But, for a few hours, or a few minutes per day it's got what it takes! Alternatively, try all of the linked games from above, or, for a similar yet 3D racer, much better overall, go for Revolt.

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