Le Fetiche Maya

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Silmarils Historical

A very competitive gameplay

This side scrolling action game is a very typical one but has some features which make it a cut from the rest. It's a pretty average game though which is based on the theme of survival and exploring so this means that you will also get adventure apart from the action that it has. As an intrepid explorer, you will have to purchase articles, weapons and tools and have to move into the jungles of Yucatan in search of the mysterious fetish of Mayan. The plot is a simple one but the details and the secret objects hidden at every level makes its gameplay a very broad one and full of surprises. This diversity is the surprising and the pleasing element in the game and gamers always love to counter surprises. The other good aspect in the game is that it transform from an side scrolling game to a 3D view game when you ride the jeep. The gameplay is relatively tough and is a probably a bit for those who we call veteran gamers but the ordinary ones can also get a grip on it with practice. The graphics are good too and the game involves some puzzle solving as well. Colorado is very much on the same note as it also has some good action and thrilling fun.

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