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Living in the Stone Age

In this cute prehistoric game, you play a homo sapiens in the year of 100 000BC and you have to fight off murderous neanderthals in a battle of survival. Other than action, the game has a mix of strategy into it, too. You have to eat, drink, trade objects, explore territory and all that is extremely beneficial to your survival. In this, the game is quite similar to the Sims game. The game's premise is very original, I'll give them that. I started playing it with interest which wound down a bit after a few minutes. The game is kind of slow to me. The cursor moves too slow, the character goes too slow, the interaction is too slow. But I kept playing and then got all interested again. In this game you have complete and absolute freedom to do whatever you want. This freedom even extends to your conversation, because you can type in simple sentences beyond suggested conversation. The game has solid graphics and a midi soundtrack, both pretty average for that time. I think this is a good and innovative game that should be tried out, and french speaking people will be glad that this game is bilingual, both in English and French. For similar games, try out Deus.

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