Learn the Alphabet

Puzzle 1993 Dos Compedia Education

Get spelling!

This is another entry in a fairly popular series of edutainment titles that is actually pretty decent and provides young gamers with just the sort of learning they require. Other games in the series are Learn about Astronomy and Learn about the Human Body and if you're looking for some further computer-based education, these are safe and solid bets. Learn the Alphabet, as you would expect, focuses on teaching kids about spelling and other such matters through a series of enjoyable mini-games which help them forget they're actually expanding their minds. This one is obviously aimed at pre-schoolers just starting out on their spelling adventures, so bear that in mind. There's a good handful of games on offer here, which test various skills and which should get your kids up to speed if they're a little lacking, but even if they know what they're doing, this makes for some good practice. One game in particular stands out, which is the driving game, which requires players to type the appropriate letter in order to steer a car through heavy traffic. This one has the handy effect of teaching both spelling and typing skills and is perhaps the best experience on offer here, being enjoyable and educational in equal measure. As a package, this is generally good stuff and delivers exactly what you would expect for the target audience. The visuals aren't spectacular but are certainly appealing to younger players, while the games themselves are well designed, delivering in both the fun department and the educational one. If you have kids looking to brush up on their spelling, do them a favor and check this out.

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