Learn about Programming

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Embark on the road of programming fun!

This is another in the extensive and generally excellent series of edutainment titles from Compedia that includes the likes of Learn About Fractions and Learn About the Human Body. It continues in the same vein as its sister titles and if you are interested in picking up some old-school programming skills, or just fancy brushing up on things you might have forgotten, this makes for a good bet. The formula is the same as other games in the franchise, with the game presenting various mini-lectures on a number of themes, and which aim to introduce interested parties to various programming concepts. Once you've finished one of the lectures, there's a multiple choice quiz to test how much (or how little) you've remembered an if you think you've done well enough, you can move on to the next one and continue your learning. The whole thing is presented in a nice fashion, with the lectures making use of various multi-media features to liven things up and with some attractive visuals to help keep the interest. Bearing in mind the target audience of young potential programmers, this is excellent stuff. The lectures are organised logically and are presented in an interesting fashion, so they don't come across as too dry or boring. They're also genuinely useful if you are just starting down the road of programming fun and will introduce you to concepts that are intriguing and helpful. The quizzes too are nicely implemented and are quite challenging too so you do actually need to pay attention if you want to get the answers right. All in all, for anyone interested in retro programming, this makes for a good time.

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