Advanced Thinking Skills

Puzzle 1992 Dos Compedia Education

A sort of IQ test trainer; pretty advanced

Advanced Thinking Skills is a bundle comprised of minigames/challenges that train you to be able to solve logic based puzzles faster and easier, and the minigames are all based in the following categories: there are organizational puzzles, there are odd one out puzzles, there are shape recognition based puzzles, there are building block puzzles, where you need to stack block on top of one another, to build a coherent, self sustaining block, and there are dominoes puzzles, similar to the shape based ones, yet this time they are about finding the right sequence to complete the puzzle, with a math formula given in advance. Also, the more directly math puzzle I also a number sequencer puzzle, that asks you to find the number that lacks from a certain sequence. All in all, the puzzles work great, are really fun to try and also, they offer you a very satisfying experience, that trains you to be able to recognize shapes and work with numbers. It's alright graphically, more functional than built to please, but it won't get in the way. Similarly, download Logical Games and Puzzles, also a bundle of logic based titles, very well produced, yet not too compelling graphically.

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