Learn about Fractions

Puzzle 1992 Dos Compedia Education Math or logic

Fractions are fun!

This is part of a fairly extensive and generally well-intentioned and enjoyable set of edutainment titles from Compedia that are all well worth a look. Sister titles to this one include the likes of Learn About the Human Body and Learn About Programming and this follows in the same footsteps by taking a similar approach to its learning system and which actually proves quite effective. As you might be able to guess from the name, this one is very much focused on maths and fractions in particular and aims to teach younger gamers about the fun of such matters, or to help people brush up on what they might have forgotten. In case you haven't seen the other games in the franchise, they take a sort of lecture approach to things, with the required information first put forward on a series of topics via multi-media presentations. There then follows a multiple choice quiz to test what you have (supposedly) learned and you can then move on to the next subject in order to progress your education. Although it sounds as if it could be quite dry stuff, if you are in the market for a fraction-based learning tool, this actually turns out to be both educational and entertaining. It's all up the usual high standards for Compedia's titles in terms of visuals and presentation, with some nicely detailed graphics that make the game appealing to younger audiences. The lectures too are surprisingly informative and bring home the learning in a fun fashion but without treating the player like an idiot so overall this makes for a wise bet if you want to brush up on your fractions.

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