Learn about the Human Body

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Explore the human body

Anyone wanting to brush up a little on their human biology would be well advised to check out this excellent edutainment title. It stands comfortably alongside its sister titles, Learn About Astronomy and Learn the Alphabet, and makes for an enjoyable and educational experience that is well worth a look. The player is presented with a number of options for learning, with each section of the body given a fairly comprehensive series of lectures, where the basic parts and some interesting facts are presented, and which provide a good opportunity to brush up on what you've learned recently, or to remind yourself just how much you've forgotten. At the end of each lecture, there's a quiz, with a series of multiple choice questions to test what you've just learned. There's also a handy dictionary to check out those complicated words which might be challenging or confusing you, while the whole thing is presented quite attractively, with some nice visuals and sounds to liven things up. If you are in the market for a little light human biology refreshing and don't fancy getting too bogged down in books, then this makes for a good alternative. It's very easy to dip into, with a nice mix of interesting lessons and exercises to explore and there's a lot of stuff to learn here, but without the game feeling too dry or boring. The visuals are simple enough, but still quite pleasing with some good detail in the various representations of the body parts. The quizzes are fun and varied and actually do a good job of reinforcing your learning, so overall this is a great way to educate yourself.

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