Dylan Dog - Ritorno al crepuscolo

Adventure 1992 Dos Simulmondo Cartoon Horror

Dylan Dog in a broken, at times adventure...

Dylan Dog - Ritorno al crepuscolo is a well done (enough!) adventure and action/platform game. It's least appealing feature is that the collision detection engine, especially in critical situations, where you have to do a high jump from one platform to the other is really broken; this means that you'll lose your bearing and find that you will fall from heights more than you'll care for, not by any fault of your own, but because the game is just broken. Other than that Dylan Dog - Ritorno al crepuscolo is playable, is good looking enough, has lots of enemies that you will have to take down, and, also, it has a construction that will definitely offer you a lot of satisfaction and a lot of great moments... until a bad platform will frustrate you and send you back to the beginning of the level. But, even so, Dylan Dog - Ritorno al crepuscolo remains playable, and fans of Dylan Dog can find a good game in this one too. The rest of us can download Dylan Dog - Attraverso lo Specchio, a proper adventure game, still in Italian, with the same main character.

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