Star Legions

Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox Supernova Creations Galactic War

Tactics focused wargame, expanding the Star Fleet Series

Just a word on the legal battles that were wedged around the production of this game: you see, this was supposed to be a direct successor of Star Fleet 2, however, due to misunderstandings regarding who the IP belonged to, the game had to be renamed, as you see, to the rather uninspired, I would say, Star Legions. But that takes nothing out of the game, not at all, for all intents and purposes, Star Legions is just as alright a game as any other in the series, maybe more prone to tactics battles than any other wargaming strategy ideas. So, it's all about planetary assault, as the higher level strategy (where you get to pick which planet you want to assault). You have to pay close attention to your own development, your own resources, and then, on the tactics map, play as classic as possible a game of tactics. An alright game Star Legions is, graphically, controls, wise and what not; about the graphics, I'd also add that there could have been more diverse texture packs for the surface of the planets, but then again, that's not where the gameplay focus will lie, so I think it's alright. The game's tactics bits reminded me of Sword of the Stars, a much different beast than Star Legions, but one that shares a similar tactics feel.

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