Tunnel B1

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Ocean Futuristic Flight shooter Unconventional Simulation Racing

Kind of ruined by the little things...

You can have a decent game, but pay less attention to one simple element and it all goes to waste. That's the story here, with this action/first person shooter game. It's perfectly fine, similar in style with the 3D Duke Nukem game, but it is riddled by all sort of little things, that make the gameplay aggravating. At first I couldn't even put my finger on it but then I realized it: the camera is too close to the ground, you know the perspective is as if you're crawling all the time. Yeah, you can play, but it just gives you this uneasy feeling, like the game doesn't click the right way with you. Then there's some other issues, which have to do with level design, which, while alright, soon begins to show how unimaginative it is: most of the game is a forward scroll through tunnels, rarely broken by any other kind of special form. It just gets boring and unfortunately, aggravating. Otherwise, the game looks alright, it's got that retro futuristic thing going for itself, but with all the mosquitoes biting you all over, it just gets old and unappealing, not the kind of vacation you'd like to have!

Survive from the enemies

Tunnel B1 is a great shooting game. In 1996 this game was published by Ocean and developed by NEON Software, it is basically a sci-fi shooting game. Similar to other tunnel game like "The TunnelMan", at first this game was released for play station. Later the pc version was released. It is a fun game that you will like. For shooting game lovers this is a very good game with some decent graphics. In this game there is a decent story where a player is on an assignment to wipe out the vital weapons of their enemy. It engages with a journey through some tunnels. You have to take the journey with high-tech hover-craft. In the tunnel you will face a lot of enemies and their vehicles. There are also some enemy choppers and guards with guns. The enemies can make your life hell if you don't destroy them. In a certain period of time you have to clear the enemies. Also there are several chances of improving the weapons and defense system.

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