LEGO Racers 2

Racing 2001 Windows LEGO Action based

Start your engines!

Here comes another LEGO game but unlike other classics like LEGO Batman and LEGO Star Wars, this racer isn't quite as memorable. It's still a fun little experience for junior driving fans, but it just lacks that little something extra which would have made it another superb experience. This one offers a Story Mode which throws players into the Galactic Racing Championship on the planet Xalax where they must prove their worth to take the title of most awesome driver in the universe. This is the main mode to play through, and you'll basically go through a series of out-there tracks, taking on challenges from other drivers, while racking up Golden Blocks when you beat them in order to progress. Gaining these blocks opens up more tracks and challenges until you ultimately reach the end and take your deserved title. The tracks are all Wipeout and Extream-G2-style, with lots of mega jumps, twists and turns and which take place across a variety of environments, each with their own distinct challenges, while the whole thing is laced with that classic LEGO humor. LEGO Racers 2 is certainly a whole lot of fun, as you'd expect from the franchise. The visuals have that distinct look, while the ability to build cars from scratch also fits right at home with the ethos, and the tracks are certainly crazy enough to be highly entertaining to race around. The game is pretty tough, while there's a bit of a lack of polish and depth which lets the side down, but for a fast and furious arcade racer, you could do far worse.

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