Little Monk

Action 1995 Dos Jack Bean Military Myth and legend

Bulletproof Monk

Now this is true hidden gem, a classic slice of top down action/adventure fun that is likely to have missed most players but which is a crying shame. It takes the wonderful and personality-filled visual stylings of 8- and 16-bit adventures like Zelda and marries them to a fairly simple but rarely less than enjoyable fighting romp. The game takes its narrative cues from ancient Chinese mythology and stars an adorably cute and bald monk who must venture forth from the safety of his monastery to do battle with a vast array of fearsome foes. Fortunately, he's well versed in martial arts which is just as well as the land is teeming with beetles, dragons and vicious snails (they're deadlier than they sound!), all of which can be dispatched with judicious use of the titular little monk's punches and kicks. Fortunately, he also has access to some pretty nifty weapons, as well as some cool powerups, as he progresses and which serve to make the action even more fun. Little Monk might not be brimming with originality but what it lacks in innovation, it more than makes up for with sheer style and personality. Little Monk himself is a wonderfully endearing character and you can't help but root for him as makes his way through this dangerous world. The visuals are perhaps the biggest draw and they really are gorgeous in that classic RP fashion, with environments and sprites that are just gorgeous to look. The gameplay too is endlessly enjoyable, with plenty of action and puzzles to keep you entertained. It might not be as well known as Zelda or Ys, but Little Monk thoroughly deserves to played by an self-respecting RPG/adventure fan.

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