Warlords 3: Darklords Rising

Strategy 1998 Windows Red Orb Entertainment Empire management Fantasy Myth and legend Turn based

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Adventure mixed with fantasy and well defined graphics

The original Warlords game has made a good mark in the empire management games but it was focused towards building and managing the empire in the real world. However this edition of Warlords though brings the same depth and variety of gameplay but has tilted towards a fantasy world which has added even more innovation and variety to the gameplay. When it's about graphics, I have no doubt in saying that it is one of those games which was unparalleled by the graphics of other games of those times. The graphics are so clear and well defined that it never causes you any irritation while playing the game though a lot is happening on the screen. A lot of strategic options apart from the options from the original version have been incorporated to make this game stand apart. Now your mission is to build your empire with the added fantasy world which will bring a new variety of adventure and difficulties. The music of the game is also catchy for the senses and keeps you tagged to your seat for hours. I have found it quite similar to Death or Glory with well-defined graphics and good adventure element.

Conquer them all

While the first Warlords game mostly focused on creating and managing an empire in the "real word", Warlords 3 seems to stray away and tries to enter the fantasy world. Sometimes these decisions might be risky and sometime may lead to a bad game. Luckily, it's not the case here. Warlords 3 delivers the same charm that its predecessor once did. The gameplay is similar like in the previous game, the graphics are beautiful and I haven't seen such an old game to be this beautiful. The sound and music are nice too. Overall, Warlords 3 is a great fantasy empire management game and is worth adding to your game collection!

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