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Exciting enough

Dominus is a 1994 fantasy real-time strategy game that puts ou in charge to run a kingdom. You will replace an aged King tired of governing. You must defend your territory from enemies and other threats, by protecting the main resources. There are a few sectors you should take care of, by using combinations of spells, traps and monstruous creatures you will send with the responsibility to collect those useful means. There are a lot of monsters that will serve you, each with its own abilities, powers, skills. But, all of them possess great intelligence. You have the possibility to create new monsters, if you get bored or if you simply want something new when it comes to personal help. To fight better against various clans of invaders, you have the option to capture enemies, change the side they battle for, and also, to convince them to be a part of your team. The most exciting thing when it comes to capturing enemies is the interrogation feature, that allows you to apply various painful treatments to make them speak. The level of details in the game can create significant confusions especially in the moments of intense war, but you will easily get over this negative aspect. I say this because the action will capture your attention, to appreciate other things in this game. It really deserves to be played, so download Dominus!

A lot of fun

Amazing game. Lots of fun to develop spells, or capture and torture prisoners for information, or design new traps, or merge monsters together to make your army elite. There are a lot of strategies here; you can try to wipe out the enemy, or you can learn the leader's name through interrogation, and then try to capture him to negotiate terms of his army leaving. It's a lot of fun.

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