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Earthbound 4X strategy in a fantasy realm

Cavewars is an empire building game, that has a lot of the staples of 4X. However, dissimilar to most 4X games, this one takes place on Earth, and also, in a setting that has fantasy elements in there. It is a great combination of gameplay and mechanics, all of which create a nice, involving strategy. The offensive and defensive portion of battles in Cavewars seems to have been produced following the ideas of turn based fantasy brawlers. Again, similar to 4X building ideas, in this game too you will battle against enemies of different race, and, in all honesty, some of the races are truly interesting, in terms of the units that they use, in terms of the way there are drawn and animated and so on. It would have been great if the graphics were a little more diverse, given that the game will keep you occupied for long hours. But even, so, with its limited graphical tiles it looks good, and more importantly, it controls and plays well. If you love strategy, download it, and, to go along with its fantastic theme, additionally download Lords of Magic, similar yet more sprawling than Cavewars.

A great fantasy strategy game

Since I am both a fantasy and strategy game fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. While nothing new in the strategy business, the game provides lots of fun, with brain cracking and strategic planing needed to play it successfully. You and your opponents play on five different levels of underground and to win the game, you have to build and army, research magic, mine resources and think of a combat and defense strategy (much like in Heroes Of Might and Magic III). All of the time you have to be careful and watch just what are the other players doing, for your own good. Each of the different races in the game are very unique and require different planning to win and a lot of details to take care of. The game has very interesting and challenging gameplay, challenging AI, very nice, albeit quite average 3D graphics and music with minimal sound effects, and is a game worthy of every strategy lover, providing you with tons of fun and adventurous time.

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