Death or Glory

Strategy 1994 Dos Software 2000 Empire management Fantasy

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Neatly designed fantasy strategy game

The game is a great conversion of the amiga game. It is based on a strategy game where there are many fantasy elements which keep the user interested all the time. These fantasy elements include the face of the well-built characters and the truly decent and amazing graphics which were not seen in the earlier games in this genre. The game play is neat and exciting and the strategy making which is needed here is really for the ones who love such games. The guidelines that appearing in the game are though in German but are very helpful to keep you going. Well, no English version has been released for it which is a big drawback but it can still give true entertainment to those who know German language. The gaming options are also fine where you can tackle different scenarios in custom manner. Overall it's a well thought out effectively incorporated strategy game with great fantasy elements to it. Strategy games with different missions like empire management can really prove to be addictive and Warlords 2 is another addictive game in that genre.

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