Action 1996 Windows SSI Robots First Person

Simple, unsophisticated but hardcore shooter

If you've exhausted the over-the-top charms of Doom and Castle Wolfenstein, then Necrodome will be right up your alley. A blood-soaked mod based on the Doom engine, this basically takes everything that was great about the classic sci-fi/horror shooter and dials it up to the max. Weapons, enemies, levels, you name it, everything here is more hardcore, more extreme and ultimately more fun than ever before. Those looking for complex storylines and in-depth characters are advised to steer clear of this, but if you are looking for is serious shooting mayhem, then this is the place to find it. The action is fast and frenetic, the weapons are loud, dirty and unbelievably insane, while the gore is intense even compared to Doom or Duke Nukem. The graphics share those games' old fashioned charms, with chunky sprites that just beg you to blow them away with extreme prejudice and full-on sound effects that really bring the nightmare world of horror and violence to terrifying life. This is not a game of subtlety or sophistication and shooters like this are rare in this day and age. However, if you want to see how it was done in the old-school days, then this must be played.

Blood and gore all the way

My interaction with this game was love at first sight. Literally. When I saw the intro video I said to myself - I have to play it! And play it I did. The game is kind of a modification for Doom and is the perfect game for all of you sci fi shooter games that want to turn off their brains and start shooting around. It's a gore fest of the maximum proportion. Wield the most badass weapons of all kinds, kill bunch of ugly, alien looking and screaming monsters and let gallons and gallons of blood flow until the earth just can't take it anymore. The graphics and animation are highly reminiscent of Doom and Duke 3D, played from the first person perspective. They are of very high quality and the animation is fast and believable, m making the game very dynamic. The sound effects are fabulous, and if you play the game at night in the dark, the shrieking and screaming of the monsters will definitely freeze your blood. The game is action filled, dynamic and tons of fun. Great job!

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