Adventure 1996 Windows Dosbox Digital Leisure Cartoon Tales and legends

A more classic adventure game by the developers of Dragon`s Lair

Kingdom II: Shadoan is an adventure game that departs from the structure and the way that Dragon`s lair was constructed. It is a nice, well constructed game, well polished, also well produced and with a cool tinge of story, the kind that really puts you in there. The story is like a Disney classic, which, well, has its ups and down, and depending on how much of a modernist you are, it offers you an interesting idea of how the 90s were like, in terms of ideology. But at any rate, don't expect a heavy game, one that explores too deep ideas. Nope, it's a feel good story of a prince and his quest to retrieve two missing trinkets, a dagger and a Crown. In the Orb of Mobus our adventurer prince had already located the other trinkets, and so this is the third and final game in the series, which, if you choose to finish it (!) will conclude the story. So expect classic storytelling, cartoonish graphics, well produced puzzles but noting too original, and an overall great family game, at least, I'd say for boys. Too Disney like for a world view in which boys and girls should be seen as equals, but nonetheless an alright product. Oh, and do see D`s Lair, a cool QTE game worth it.

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