Panty Raider: From Here to Immaturity

Adult 2000 Windows EBWIRO Productions Puzzle based Interactive

Dire dire dire

If proof were needed that pretty much any game aimed at the 'adult' market is simply downright awful, then here comes Panty Raider. Lacking in the charm of Leisure Suit Larry and having more in common with Erotica Island, this dire experience is a complete waste of time from start to finish and should only be played by, well, no one actually. Yes, it's that bad. There's some kind of wretched storyline here, which involves aliens mistakenly receiving a lingerie catalogue and who have now traveled to Earth in search of more. They're now threatening to destroy the planet if they don't get what they want, so it's up to you to deliver the goods. What follows is a bizarre experience that sees you traveling around, using a variety of gadgets, such as x-ray specs, cameras and underwear removing goop, in order to find the lingerie that the aliens so desperately crave. This involves a sort of hunting-game style of gameplay where you set up hides, then wait for the right kind of underwear to come along before snapping a picture. Panty Raider really has to be one of the worst concepts for a game ever and has literally no redeeming features. The visuals are pretty terrible, with crude and garish characters and environments, and with sound to match. The story, if it can be called such, is just crass and immature, with even its inadvertent target market of teenage boys likely to find it unfunny. Gameplay is simply not enjoyable on any level so really, everyone should just avoid this sorry mess.

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