Simulation 1994 Dos Spectrum Holobyte Business

Splice of monopoly with original economic sim ideas

Gazillionaire is not a serious, or, say, a dead serious game, for the tie and costume kind of people, for, well, bankers! It is a nice economic sim that takes its cues from the realm of board games, such as the classic Monopoly and then applies a few interesting ideas to that recipe, to make it its own. Don't expect this game to be a burst of clean, fresh air in this product that after all, is intended towards those that have already had enough matches of board games as well as classic, math based economic sims, but, what it does is try to just create a more engaging board game experience, making use of the digital format it comes in. Graphically it is an alright, maybe a bit too psychedelic a game for some, but that never stops it from making sense, which is primordial to it. It's also got a sense of humor, but you have to look at its mathematical build to understand that, otherwise, Gazillionaire won't convey it to you directly, text wise! Anywise, if you want a lighter version of what Gazilionaire tried to do, try a game such as Pizza Tycoon, which is well within the realm of classic, not too original tycoon play, which can be more palatable for less advanced players.

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