Mad TV 2

Strategy 1996 Dos Dosbox Funsoft Business

Strategy and sim about making it in the TV world!

Here's a game that is a bit different than most of the other kinds of strategies, or business simulators. It simulates the rise and fall and the decisions that you have to juggle when you go into the requirements of TV. In terms of the way you interact with it, it's a combination of static screen sliding bar commands as well as a few other more puzzle like bits. So, how do you know when you made it? Well, the ratings are the thing you should always look to please, so that is your boss, ultimately, hehe!. The original had quite the same construction and the same kind of premise, but this second title raises the graphical ante, adds a few more options and takes the game to the realm of the funny and of the hysteric at times! Yap, it can be a bit tongue in cheek at times, and it can have some really funny elements going about it. Plus, for a game so innovative and unlike others simulators, it's playable enough to be worth checking, even if for the novelty of the premise. Alternatively, for another on screen type recreation, though from the part the camera looks at, see Wheel of Fortune, not a sim, but an enjoyable trivia type game.

No changes from previous Mad TV game

Mad TV 2 is a TV management game developed and published by Rainbow Arts. A sequel to Mad TV, the game has the same style of gameplay as in the prequel, with no major changes at all and what is more sad is that the game was only released in Germany, so don't expect any English in this game. The object in Mad TV 2 is to move a thin man through a building and perform various tasks, like prgogram a couple of hours of television, provide ads for each program and pretty everything what a TV studio is doing. It is a fun game, but had it offered some major changes, I could have offered to play it a bit more, but I didn't feel like playing a sequel at all. The graphics and sound I thought to be okay, but it doesn't really help the game too much. And I often ask myself: why was the game only released in Germany? Maybe this had to be the German version of the game, but masked it as a sequel. Oh, I don't know exactely and I really don't care. All in all, it's better if you stick to the prequel because this game offers little changes and it's in German, so it isn't really worth your time.

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