Mad TV

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Rainbow Arts Business Trade or management

Managing a TV station is indeed mad!

Mad TV is a wacky, serous for the most part, but with clearly funny undertones type of management game; you are offered the buttons and the pulleys (virtually speaking!) that allow you to run a TV station. And it is definitely a busy life! For the most part, you will have to sink into a whole load of details, that are all about keeping yourself at bay, in terms of never missing a second of broadcast. Furthermore, the game is also about being financially in the win, which means knowing where exactly to place ads. Because, while it might seem to be all about the quality of your programs, it is not; the game will show you that what is important is that you get the money, show the advertisements and just don't break any of the regulations. But TV viewers want excitement and they want all sort of other things, and managing them both, trying to get it all done, satisfying everyone, can really take its toll on you. So do give the game a try, if you are fascinated by the life of a TV station manager! It's pretty intense, and the game per se in pretty well produced, even if, clearly, under a strict budget!

Manage your own TV station with this catchy game!

Mad TV is a 1991 simulation strategy game that offers you the unique chance to work at a television station, managing the whole business. But this is not all, as every story must contains an important aspect: love! So, among your hardworking missions, you get the chance to win the heart of one of the most attractive lady! You can produce your soap operas, shows, you can buy and sell major productions like movies and other features, all this to reach the highest ratings! This game is for all television fanatics, that have always had a passion for working in this area! You will sign various advertising contracts, you will schedule the TV programs, and with a good progress, you will obtain modern centers and satellites for a better broadcasting and to increase the audience of your station. To enjoy more features and more detailed and cool graphics, play the sequel that appeared 5 years later. The graphics and sounds may seem dull, but the gameplay's extent will pleasantly surprise you, and this all that matters when we are talking about Mad TV. The only complain will be the repetitive aspect that may appear only if you play it for long hours per day. But it will be a nice experience if you try it! Your missions are interesting, involving and fun! Are you ready to become "mad" in the television industry? Play this game!

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