Oil Barons

Strategy 1992 Dos Starsoft Development Laboratories Business Trade or management

I am surprised with the vareity in it

It's a turn base business simulation that relates to the oil industry and the wide variety of dynamics operating there. The first thing which is very good in this game is the fact that you get to counter business decisions through a lot of realistic parameters which have been incorporated to perfection. You have a lot of domestic and foreign factors to consider for cartel pricing and for setting barrel prices and releasing them to various oil refineries. The international influences and the market changes also greatly impact your business and the aim you have is to make the most money. 4 players can play this game at a time and the business time span can go up to 10 years. You can also go bankrupt with your bad decisions but have the option to get back into business through liquidating you assets and generating cash. It also gives you tutorials and the manuals in it are also well drafted because they enable you to make the right decisions. Having said that, it is still a difficult game and is tough to get a grip on. Being patient will really benefit you and will make the game very interesting for you. The theme is similar to Oil Tycoon but some find that game to be superior.

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