Dark Side of the Moon

Adventure 1998 Windows SouthPeak Interactive Science Fiction Mystery

Logical puzzles and thrilling adventure

It is a futuristic point and click adventure which involves role playing elements and some puzzle solving as well. The plot is that you are a space trader who has inherited a property from his uncle. Your uncle's died under some strange circumstances in a colony where he was working and it is now your job to investigate the real truth. As the story unfolds, the factors indicate that there might be a possible murder and a plan to kill an entire race on the colony. So that is where your quest starts and you will go from one location to another searching out for clues and finding the links to the murder. You will come across a variety of different logical and inventory based puzzles which are designed well in the line with the theme and the plot of the game. This facts makes the puzzles very interesting to solve and they have their varied difficulty levels as you progress in the game. The a1 and the user interface of this game is brilliant and really excites you into the gameplay. The 3D graphics environments though can sometime be obscure but they are attractive and provide a good setting to the theme. You might also want to have a go at Biosys which involves great fun and adventure.

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