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Along side with the best of them

Cyclones is a distant cousin of the awesome games with ID's engine Doom and Heretic and is another great first person shooter game with cool graphics, animation and a lot of violence. CyClones are cybernetic servants of evil aliens that have ruled the realm. You have just found out that you have somehow been reprogrammed to be their little mouse, and are also one of those cybernetic monsters. You don't like that one bit. So you go out on a killing rampage. The game is revolutionary for its time, because it has taken all that was awesome with games like Doom and Shadowcaster and added a whole new set of cool controls, a simple yet very effective mouse and keyboard collaboration that has not be used since, but is today quite common. The graphics are top notch for that time and while there are no video sequences or special voiceover or extra cool sound effects, the game still remains as a great and adrenaline pumping first person shooter that lovers of game like Duke Nukem 3D will absolutely adore. Right on!

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