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Alike Tetris but without falling tetrominoes

Loopz asks you to create the longest segment/loop of continual pipes, with the tiles that it presents to you, randomly. Part feeling like a game of Pipes, part like a refashioned Tetris, this puzzler will be lots of fun, especially for those that love the games mentioned above. To add diversity and challenge to the matches, as you advance, the loops you close disappear, and, after a certain score is reached, the speed of the game advances automatically, making it harder for you to place your tiles appropriately. Just as in Tetris, there is no proper end game included. You last for as long as you can manage to, and with each consecutive try you get to better your score. Graphically, the game is simple, with a green background and loops that change in color each level. If you played a NES version of Tetris you will know what to expect. So, with a simple, increasingly difficult mechanic, you can spend countless hours in this game, for as long as the premise does not aggravate you. So, for lovers of Tetris, Pipes or general puzzler lovers, Loopz will prove a really satisfying experience.

Tetris like game

A puzzle game like Tetris, your goal will be to place the puzzle pieces on the screen to form a continuous loop. When you have done this, the loop disappears, leaving you more room to create more loops. I love this computer game, it's an excellent puzzle.

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