Reader Rabbit

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Spelling and reading for kids done right

I'd argue that the fairly simple yet colorful presentation of this edutainment set of minigames is even more conducive towards actual learning than the plethora of iOS titles or the Android titles that are available on all sort of phones and tablets. With Reader Rabbit you just get to focus on the task at hand, which is recognizing letters, numbers, and the wors they are used to make, without having to be distracted by all that notification jazz and updates and so on. Yeah, the game looks like it's drawn by children, and it should be so, so as to inspire them to learn to draw and doodle and be creative. I mean, all these smooth, highly polished, colorful games on tablets, they sure are easy on the eyes, but are they really inspiring children to teach? It's the difference between, hey, this looks like something I could do, and this looks like it's been made in a factory or by aliens! Anyway I digress! Reader Rabbit is a game bundle that features about 3 activities, some that will teach you letters and numbers, some that will teach you common vocabulary words. Exactly for the 3 to 7 year old, and cute and funny enough without becoming burdening. Play it with your little ones and I'm sure they'll appreciate it as well. Oh, and also see the Super Solvers series, for another task based series of minigames that are also valuable as edutainment.

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