MechWarrior 3

Action 1999 Windows MicroProse Shooter Robots

Suit up!

The MechWarrior series is a pretty legendary set of complex combat sims that mix a high level of detail with intense action and some gripping storylines. This third entry in the franchise is a typically superb effort which impresses with its visuals, options and its sheer level of playability. The plot here is a fairly convoluted one, and as usual finds the universe in turmoil, with the various Clans that popularize the lore out for each other's throats, and with you in the role of a mech pilot caught deep behind enemy lines. What follows is a twenty mission campaign which sees you starting out in a fairly ordinary mech infiltrating enemy territory and which progresses all the way up to some really hefty gear. There's all the usual features on offer here, with new and improved damage models which recreate the horrors of mech war extremely well, with your mech limping as it gets hit, and with destroyed limbs sparking and trailing wreckage. There's an extensive range of customization options, with lots of heavy duty hardware to try out, and if you can find other players, there's a cool multiplayer mode, but even if you can't, the single player campaign will keep you highly entertained. As far as mech combat sims go, this is a top notch effort. The visuals are great, with a nice level of detail and some impressive effects and environments to explore. The missions are varied and thrilling, with intense combat that keeps you focused at all times. The game is fairly complex but not overly so, so when combined with all the options and the decent plot, this makes for a great experience.

Fight robots with robots

The third entry in the MechWarrior series, and is visually by far the best one so far. For those unfamiliar with the series, this is a first-person mech-sim game, in which you customize your Mecha and control it in battles against other Mechas, and sometimes helicopters and tanks. Through 20 missions, you get to control 18 different Mechs. What is the most important aspect of the game is the Mecha customization. Fantastic 3D quality graphics system really adds to the fun and action filled gaming experience. The voice acting and sound effects are also very realistic and a great addition to the game. If you like robots, action and first person shooting, this is the game for you and if you are interested, you can try and get the expansion pack, Pirate's Moon. Enjoy!

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