Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - War Chest

Action 2004 Windows Aspyr Media Historical Military FPS Shooter Fpp

For those that want to repeat the experience

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - War Chest is a 2001 compilation of the original Allied Assault game, the first expansion pack, and the second one. If you want to experience a bloody war adventure, don't miss this "must-have" in your collection! The other reasons to play MoH are: the dynamic and brutal atmosphere, the suspense created in every mission, that rises the adrenaline, the realistic graphics showing very well the dramatic scenes during war. Spearhead comes with one new multiplayer mode and a few new maps. You play as Sergeant Jack Barnes, with the missions to attack the AI-controlled British, American and Russian troops. The action takes place through the events of Battle of the Bulge and to the fall of Berlin. Unlike Spearhead, the action in Breakthrough takes place in a different part of the war during a different period. Also, your player is different: Sergeant John Baker, that lives the events during World War II, exploring locations from North Africa to Italy. The completed missions will offer you a great victorious feeling, especially when you are put in charge to solve the challenges by your own. Unfortunately, some frustrating aspects that are found in the original Allied Assault are present in this second expansion pack: your allies are kind of stupid, and some of their thoughtless actions will influence your progress in a bad way. This means you will restart all over again some missions due to this glitch. But, as the old problems still remain, at the same time, new good things appeared. Those that lived with pleasure the MoH action and want to repeat the experience, they should consider the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - War Chest compilation!

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