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Mediocre vehicular combat game

For gamers tired of simply racing superfast cars and beating their opponents in a fair race, Megarace offers a slightly novel spin by giving them weapons and encouraging them to smash competitors off the track. Sadly however, this is where the inspiration runs dry and the resulting game is less than impressive and unlikely to entertain for any more than an hour or so. The game places players into a reality-TV show, where audiences are keen to witness death and destruction on the race track as various gangs attempt to emerge victorious through gratuitous displays of car-related violence. While this sounds like it makes for great game, the truth is anything but. Although there are a decent amount of levels, tracks are unimaginative and unexciting, and are also a letdown graphically, being poorly defined and having flat textures. Furthermore, players don't have full control over their cars, with the game resembling an on-rails shooter rather than a true driving sim and which reduces the fun factor further. The inclusion of full motion video of the competition's fictional host adds to the atmosphere but his presence soon grates and becomes irritating. Gamers in search of vehicular combat in the style of Wipeout, Road Blasters or Spy Hunter might find amusement here, but really this is mediocre stuff at best.

Fun for a while

Megarace is a racing game with one objective - survive to get to the finish line. The game is not very innovative in the way of designing the racing tracks, which is a shame because that would make the game all the more challenging. The gameplay is this - you drive on a mostly flat road and destroy every car that is in front of you with the guns that are inplanted with your car. You can also bump them off the road or to get in front of them, if you're for the less aggressive approach. There are arrows on the track, some going in the opposite way meaning that if you interact with them you will slow down significantly and the others that are in the same direction you are driving, which increase your speed. Graphics-wise, the game is less than satisfactory. It has almost no texture and the design is inspirationless. This is a mediocre racing game that is okay for a few hours, but not much longer than that. I suggest that, if you're for another fun and aggressive game, try out Big Red Racing. Now, that's a fun racing game.

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