MegaTraveller 2 - Quest for the Ancients

RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox Paragon Software Top down Science Fiction

Sci Fi roleplayer in which you're the universal sanitizer!

Here's a premise to a roleplayer you never get to see these days: On the planet Rhylanor a spillage of slime has began to flow, at tremendous speeds and quantities, threatening to bring the entire planet to extinction! Isn't that something weird?! I mean, these days RPGs can't figure out anything smarter than to keep tasking you with saving the world, universe, from plagues, infestations, aliens and so on, but none goes to such lengths so as put you in the shoes of a cleaning lady! Well, alright, nope, you won't be raising your siphoning and sweeping of slime levels within the game, there is still a lot of classic conflict and party based gameplay we're all sued to by now, but at least the backstory doesn't mind taking a more original road. At any rate, you'll be backed up by up to 5 companions, trading, exploring, combating and solving the regular quest problems that the people around have for you. So, ultimately, if you love classic RPGs you'll love this old timer as well. At any rate, the fact that oldies weren't so uniform and fearful of wacky premises makes this one stand out and be worth of admiration. Although, the fact that it reminded me of Xenomorph, another roleplayer I loved, might have something to do with it! Check them both out.

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