RPG 1990 Dos Dosbox Pandora First person Science Fiction

You will really love the vareity in it

It is great sci-fi RPG game which is truly diverse in terms of the variety that it features and in terms of the in depth gameplay that it enchants. The plot is a bit strange because you will wake up from a cryosleep and will purge some alien ship that has invaded earth. Your mission will be to find out what has happened and what is to be done. Starting with the controls in the game, they are very responsive and the user interface is very cooperative as it allows you to move along the game smoothly as that you can get a grip on the things that have happened and that are about to happen. The pace in the game will pick up instantly and you will have to figure out a lot of gadgets and weapons in the gameplay. The game you can say is quite similar to the gameplay in Dungeon Master but it is the variety that it gives which makes it a bit superior. The graphics which you have here are very good and the image the animations and the visual scenarios are very attractive. So by no means this game is average and is a pure fun game.

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