RPG 1990 Dos Dosbox Paragon Software Isometric Science Fiction

Blend of Sci Fi with fantasy in good old fashion RPG form

I wonder how this title escaped me, as I used to be quite engaged with Sci Fi RPGs, on one hand because they weren't as usual or as many as the regular, fantasy or medieval based ones, and on the second, because it is a really decent game. Now, one of my problems with these Sci Fi games was that they always used combat tropes lifted directly from fantasy or medieval themed games, a thing that Megatraveller does as well. However, this one does a pretty decent job of the fighting, even in spite of it being not too original, but it's almost flawlessly executed. The story? Well, there had to be a rub, and unfortunately it's at the narrative level. It's alright I'd say, messing with a big world of plants and different alien races, but, for some reason, it never really captures you. But I guess it can be forgiven, as this was the first game in the series and the later ones would up the ante substantially, exploring more of the universe and detailing it more satisfyingly. At any rate, don't forget about Mass Effect as this oldie has some parallels with it, or, the oldie Xenomorph, another cool sci fi (yes, inspired by the Alien series) though a much less graphically endowed game, in my opinion.

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