Space 1889

RPG 1990 Dos Dosbox Paragon Software Top down

Alternate history RPG but rather shallow

Space 1889 puts you in control of a person caught in a 19th century plot that will pit you to hunt for King Tut's treasures. The game plays as your regular RPG with a good dose of backstory, which points towards its adventure like nature. However, the diversity in your actions is quite small, quite shallow. You will not be doing anything too spectacular, and the story also doesn't pick up after the premise is offered to you. The graphics are not too suggestive either. You get crudely drawn scenarios, most of them making use of portions that get reused over and over again, while certain portions, while more original, don't feel too worked on either. Furthermore, the Space 1889 game doesn't provide you with a system to keep track of your progression too easily and thus, in a short amount of time you will find that you've had enough of it, abandoning it. Unless for a few sections where you'll be discussing with historic figures, this game doesn't do much else to merit a spot in anyone's heart.

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