Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Action 2003 Windows Activision Military FPS

Worth every minute of massive action you'll experience!

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a 2003 multiplayer first-person shooter game, that can create a huge addiction among fans of the genre if they have access to the internet. First of all, I have to say that RTCW is one of the games that made my childhood and that's why I chose to review Enemy Territory. There are two campaigns: North Africa and Northern Europe, whose missions must be finished by every team. These missions assume annihilating enemies, escorting tanks, building bridges, robbing treasures or blowing up fuel dumps. The way this game unfolds reminds the experts of another massive online multiplayer shooter. The ethernal war between the Nazis and the Allies is the subject that dominates the great action of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. You can choose various types of missions that are pretty interesting and appealing. I assure you that entering the available multiplayer servers is really worth it! Every completed objective will offer you a certain experience score, and this score is also provided by the enemies you kill. The more experience you gain, the higher chances to reach a level status that can put in the shoes of a veteran soldier, and this brings, of course, many benefits. These advantages will decrease the time you reload a weapon, will turn a threat into a more accurate and precise target, and many more. Play ET, because as I said, is worth every minute of massive action you experience!

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