Hot Wheels: World Race

Racing 2003 Windows THQ Challenges Unconventional

Don't bother

There's a number of kids driving games out there with the Hot Wheels license attached, most of which are fun and hugely entertaining, even if you're not really part of the intended audience. Unfortunately however, World Race seemingly skipped the whole quality control process usually applied to the franchise and is pretty much a disaster from start to finish, making it one to avoid. The game's main focus is on throwing players into the world's toughest race, the Highway 35 Circuit, and which has a bit of a futuristic theme, making this feel like a junior version of Extreme G or WipeOut. There's the usual array of tracks and cars to try out, with the tracks being quite insane, with huge amounts of twists, turns, spirals and jumps to test your skills. There are dozens of cars to try out here, all of which are modeled on their real world toy counterparts, so those who like collecting toy cars might find something to appeal to them here. However, pretty much everyone else is going to find this one a very ropy experience. Although it's aimed at kids, there's a really poor storyline here, which just isn't engaging and simply gets in the way of the racing. However, even that aspect isn't much fun, as the tracks just aren't entertaining to drive around, while the handling of the many cars is also highly suspect, with most of them driving like pregnant hippos rather than slick sports cars. The visuals are also looking a bit dated, while the sound is less than stellar, so if you have any interest in racing games, steer well clear.

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