Super Solvers: Outnumbered!

Puzzle 1990 Dos Dosbox The Learning Company Education Math or logic

An educational game for ages 7 to 14 based on math

The Learning Company was a late eighties and nineties game developer specialized in edutainment, games that could teach young children basic concepts about mathematics, physics, and so on. This game, the third in the series is geared towards teaching children mathematics as well as solving problems and hopefully, creating the skills to help them tackle these sort of problems in the future. However, the game doesn't take the boring and long road of mini games. Instead most of the game is based in a side scrolling environment where the main objective is to find the master of Mischief, the troublemaker that has been running berserk all throughout the series. On the road you will find rooms and chambers puzzles will be waiting for you. These games will often times require you to use math, and with each step the problems become harder to decipher, though they never feel overpowering. Expect some surprises down the road as well, as the game isn't a one trick pony, it will offer you a few interesting bonuses and unexpected challenges. So, if you want to see how edutainment looked like in the early nineties, this is the game for you, otherwise, the math based puzzles might prove to be a little too annoying if you're just looking for a straight out adventure or sidescroller.

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