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Cyberpunk and bible studies equals Messiah!

Messiah is a third person action game with a pretty unique premise. In fact, in the way it is executed I'm pretty sure it is the only one. You see, there are portions of the game where you inhabit the body of a little angel. If that wasn't enough to rile up the religious, guess, what, he's on command from God to clean the world of those undeserving, and, to do that he can inhabit and use anybody's mortal coil (body!) in quite a few ways! Here and there, the fight against the devil's minions will take the form of environmental puzzles, which, for the most part works for the title. And therefore, Messiah can be extremely enjoyable, in a very cheeky way. Especially for those very religious who also like the occasional game this might be a little offensive here and there, but actually this isn't a subversive or a game that want to make a stand. Neither a Christian type game, just a fun game with an uncommon premise! Plus, graphically, it's a game that looks as neat and as clean as you'd want it. The alternative?!! Why, of course, Diablo, hehehe!

Take control of humans

Tell me how many games are out there where you play as an angel trying to save the humankind from corruption and sin? Messiah is one of those games that has that premise. Developed by Shimy Entertainment, who also developed the platform game Earthworm Jim, it offers a comedic tone, a futuristic setting and some interesting twists in the story. In the game, you play as Bob, a cherub who's sent unwillingly by God to clean up Earth from corruption and sin. And that's pretty much the synopsys that we get in the intro movie. There are some twists as you progress, but I won't spoil it for you. The gameplay is fun, mainly to the fact that you can possess human beings, while in later level, you have to rely on stealth, because you're defenseless in your cherub form. Other than that, it's a third person shooter. The graphics are decent and the sound effect quite good, however the voice acting seems sometimes cheesy. Overall, Messiah is a good third person shooter, with a comedic futuristic setting and a gameplay that will keep you entertained for some time.

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