Litil Divil

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Gremlin Interactive Cartoon Humorous Myth and legend Adventure Puzzle Casual

Abismal action adventure with a cool protagonist

Litil Divil combines a lot of gameplay stiles but at its heart it is an action adventure with some fighting and some puzzles. Having been released for the Amiga CD console, the game tried to make use of the added storage space afforded by the CD medium and it thus included passages that play much in the style of Dragons Lair, others that play like a brawler, others that will see you managing inventory and trying to solve classically designed puzzles (tile arranging, tile matching, etc.) and even third person portions, where you navigate through corridor mazes. Unfortunately none of these portions are designed sufficiently well, and not only that the game doesn't allow you to settle into a grove but it manages to offset you and to impede you every step of the way. You'll almost never know where you are during the third person corridors scenes, the puzzles are more than uninspired and hard to solve, both controls wise as well as through their lack of logic and furthermore, you will almost never know where to go or what to do next. Thus the game is the kind of classic bad game, where none of its elements are conducive to a fun experience, and the game feels more like an unfortunate marriage of technological prodding in too many directions with nothing to keep all these separate elements tied together. Too bad because at least some of the animations look interesting and the little red devil protagonist could have been a fun little character to play with.

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