Deer Avenger 4: The Rednecks Strike Back

Action 2001 Windows Simon & Schuster Interactive Humorous Shooter

The bipedal deer strike again!

There is a plethora of hunting games out there, some more realistic, and others less so but if there is one thread that puts them all together is the fact that the hunted animals, deer or other species, ultimately lose. And that is a wrong that Deer Avenger 4 is looking to right, in a series that had always put deer first and the humans second! So, how is that achieved? Well, fist and foremost the deer in this game don't wait patiently to be filled with led bullets, they're the ones that knock here! They have learned to walk on their hind feet and to use their forefeet to shoot the human element. Yap, it's revenge time alright. And all this revenge, in this forth title has reached a graphical detail that makes their job easier on they eyes of the player. Plus, hunting is really interesting, at least for a while, given that the humans are rendered as helpless animals. So, if you like to put yourself in the skin of a deer and counterattack, this is the game that will give you all that it needs to get that done, with a good touch of humor and sufficiently diverse content to keep you interested for a good while.

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