Adventure 1986 Dos Polarware Science Fiction Graphical IF

Discover your way in an alien land

If you crave some not very mature yet well written interactive fiction Sci Fi thriller, then, with Oo-Topos you've have come to the right place! Because, Oo-Topos is the kind of game that seems to have been produced for teenagers that haven't seen it all and haven't become jaded with Sci Fi, though don't understand that by that I mean that this is yet another cookie cutter, unimpressive game. Nope, for what it is, an abduction and alien exploration game, it sure does as good a job as any; it just doesn't want to go into a lot of philosophy or try to create a world that is more believable or plausible. Nope, it drops you there, and you'll find your way around it, just like in a Star Trek episode, where you explore an alien civilization, even if their alien-ness is all produced with facial prosthetics mainly, and everyone speaks English. So, try Oo-Topos, it's worth it, it's a nice, well done medium difficulty game, so don't skip it. Yes, it's got a rather limited and limiting verb to noun dictionary but that should not be enough o take you out of it. Just, at the most, play it aided by a good walkthrough. And, alternatively download Silicon Dream, for, an exploration in androids and synthetic consciousness.

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