Racing 1992 Dos Zeppelin Games Car and action Top down

Win the race by any means necessary!

Simple and graphically unpretentious as it is, Carnage manages to pull in quite a punch, as its gimmick is that of using bombs to stalwart your enemies. The game plays in one screen looping tracks, so you always know where your enemies are at, but what you might not be as aware of is where these bombs are placed. You can crop a bomb anywhere, and it is so small that if you don't pay attention or expect it to be there, you might as well miss it. Race your car over a bomb and you're taken aback, stalled. But, thankfully, you can return the favor, as long as you collect the bombs (and the few other power ups scattered through each track!). The game thus has that Micro Machines feel and attitude, but it nevertheless has its own unique simple graphic style, content to use real world vehicles and up to scale worlds, rather than the miniatures of the series I just mentioned above. Overall, as all top down racers do, this too will have its expiration date, sooner or later, after you get enough of its races, but nevertheless, it puts on a nice enough show while you can stomach it!

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