Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0

Simulation 1988 Dos Dosbox Microsoft Civil Civil flight

Check out the infancy of the franchise!

Around the time Microsoft Flight Simulator reached its tenth iteration you could easily catalogue it as a modern, superior graphics flight sim, but its roots go deep. This third game in the series picks up where Microsoft Flight Simulator 2 left of, and that is in a state of 2D statics that tried to pass around as 3D, with nice controls and an overbearing feeling that the world was too blocky! But that did not change in this title, nope, though improvements are sure visible, even if you don't strain your view too much! The game was 3D with this title, but the kind of 3D that is more or less satisfactory. Half the screen, to aid with the number of polygons in need of being rendered, was occupied by your altimeter and co, and at least these were real, genuine instruments. You can play the game via keyboard and it's not too strenuous, but a joystick sure makes it more fun. Or, if you can get it to work (via DosBox tinkering) a joypad with thumbsticks ca really make the controls a lot easier. Anyway, in the series the game is the first one to make use of more genuine 3D graphics, and it shows the seeds of simulation, with its late 80 feel and capabilities.

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