Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0

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First rate flight sim

Microsoft's Flight Simulator series is perhaps the longest running franchise in gaming history, with its origins stretching all the way back to the 1970s, and for many it defines the flight sim genre. This fifth instalment maintains the series' reputation for high quality and attention to detail and as such is a must play for the dedicated aviation enthusiast. The focus here is on serious flying, so don't expect to see too much in the way of high octane dogfighting, but for those interested in such things, the sense of realism on display here is fantastic. Improvements over previous versions include the addition of textures to bump up the authenticity, expanded scenery and improved aircraft modelling. Weather systems have been tweaked to further enhance the feeling of truly flying, while the AI has also been ramped up. Graphics too are notably improved, adding to the sense of immersion and it has now become all too easy to become sucked into the game. Sound is another area which has seen some serious upgrades, with digital effects included for the first time in the series' history. There are plenty of opportunities for customisation, which will please the hardcore flight nuts, while specific cockpits are now available for individual aircraft, and really this is about as fine a flight sim as you could hope for. Check out later instalments like Microsoft Flight Simulator X for an even better experience but if you're after something a bit more exciting, then try TFX or Tornado.

Fly better and higher than ever

Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0 marks the end of an era. This long lasting multi-million selling series of flight simulator game that became a trademark of the Microsoft OS was the last to be released exclusively for DOS and the last before the series took a sharp turn toward modernization with the CD-ROM. This fabulous simulation holds every great feature its predecessors had - fabulous visuals, a very authentic and realistic flight simulation system with a detailed physics and aerodynamic module, a very well written AI system, fully customisable cockpit and aircraft models and dozens of hours of intense gameplay but with lots of new additions such as introducing textures and even more enhanced realism. When one takes the pilot seat and starts rolling on the runway, they will really feel like they're driving a real plane which is the reason why this series was in existence for so long. The graphics are definitely better than ever. Do I need to say more? If you're a flight sim fan, you ought to get this game for your private collection.

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