Mig Alley

Simulation 1999 Windows Empire Interactive Flight

Loved the dogfights in it

it is a flight simulation which is though not something out of the ordinary but is still a great deal of fun to have. The setup of the air fight is based on the Korean War front where you will be piloting F 86 Sabrajets and P-51 mustangs against some very competitive war planes on the opponent's side. You will set you own missions and can rule the air with your accuracy and skills. The thing to look out for in such games is the flight dynamics and the flight dynamics in this game are wonderful. They have a realistic feel of the inner grids and the controls which you can only master with practice. The aircraft can role swiftly and briskly through every corner and do a variety of on air moves that allow you to tackle the dogfights. The A1 is though very competitive but they have given the multiplayer option as well through which you can play with up to 12 online players. The controls of all the aircrafts are very good and the weapons on them are pretty destructive. The air will be flooded with lots of aircrafts at a time which will involve you in a lot of thrilling dogfights. The graphics in the game are also great and the UI is very supportive. I have also loved Ultra Fighters when I was a child and would recommend that one as well.

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