Millionaire Release 2

Simulation 1987 Dos Blue Chip Business

Become a millionaire legally!

Millionaire Release 2 is the second installment in a serious business simulation series. This second installment released back in 87 doesn't concern itself with graphics, as much as it does with the additional processes and controls that want to make the game even more challenging, or rather true to life. Effectively, you will be trading on any of the 15 available stocks, on any of the 5 difficulty levels. Play the easier ones if you're just familiarizing yourself with the game, otherwise you'll be hemorrhaging money like crazy. Also, each level of difficulty adds a new parameter to the game rather than making the competitors more greedy or more unfair, which is kind of nice because the game increases in difficulty in terms of the number of controls you must be aware of an have at your disposal. Also the game throws in nice spreadsheet like additions so you can view your progress as you need to, plus an assortment of visualizations that make more sense in the game for certain decision. Overall, you won't emerge a ready to broker broker out of the game, but you'll get a deeper understanding of the tidings of high stakes investment, at least as it was conveyed of back in the late 80s. Strictly for trading simulation fanatics or for those that don't mind crunching numbers, otherwise the game can be quite a bore!

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